Play the WebGL enabled version here.


1.250 15 Hard 2011/01/16
1.250 15 Hard 2011/01/16
1.250 15 Hard 2011/01/16
1.250 15 Hard 2011/01/16
1.250 15 Hard 2011/01/16
1.250 15 Hard 2011/01/16
1.250 15 Hard 2011/01/16
1.250 15 Hard 2011/01/16
1.250 15 Hard 2011/01/16
1.250 15 Hard 2011/01/16

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  • yanek1988

    Very nice 😉

    • http://justin144 tata

      ilove yoursites

  • Thomas Holloway

    Nice game! I love the concept

  • nick

    hey this is incredibly addicting, but the colors are actually really distracting.
    if you could figure out a specific color for each number, it would make combing through the different colors a lot easier, especially when it gets to higher difficulties where i had more trouble finding the numbers i wanted than with the actual math.

    • hyperandroid

      Hi there,
      you’re right, color numbers are disturbing, and so the intention was ;).
      But you’re right, and i’ll be adding different colors for the same number as you progress throughout the game, or just do color changing for a ‘hardcore’ difficulty level.
      Thanks for the tip.


  • eason


  • Bubu

    very, very nice !

  • manik

    very addictive…how can i pause the game? thanks

    • hyperandroid

      I’m about to publish a more polished version of the game.
      There’ll be no pause, but you’ll be able to rest between game levels.

  • Ryan Feeney

    This game is the prettiest canvas/js game I’ve played. Excellent work.

  • Jeroen Visser

    It looks like a flash game! And, Then you look at the source, and you see it’s awsomeness underneath :) The grafics are AWESOME! And the concept is cool. This is an excelent example of what you can do with JS canvas!

    Jeroen Visser

  • Krishnanunni Kj

    superb one!!!

  • Tonys0826

    How  can download this game?

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry tonys, but you must not download the game locally. Instead, play it online.
      The game is copyrighted but the source code is published for learning purposes.

  • Mark Knol

    The help button freezes the full game.. ?!

    • Anonymous

      Should not.
      Could you point me out where exactly that happens ?

  • Faldrian

    Can you please post a description of WHAT TO DO in this game here?
    I just don’t get it. And the Help-Button (and die ?-Button freeze the game in Firefox and Chrome). Maybe there is some image not found or something other, that causes JS to stop running?

    • Anonymous

      thanks for spotting. You were right some resources had been moved elsewhere sorry for that.
      The game should be working properly again.
      Thanks again.


  • Jared Refamonte

    Hello, sir. Am I allowed to modify the source code of this game? I want to make a different mathematical game, and I want to make it look like this. It will not be released commercially, just for pure educational use. I’m anticipating for your favorable response. Thank you. :)

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jared,
      Thanks for your interest. As soon as you addere to the license agreement terms everything is right :). Make sure it fits your needs.

      El jueves 27 de octubre de 2011, Disqus

  • Marcos Triviño

    Muy muy bueno!!! Me ha encantado !

  • Joshua Gold

    How about a multiplication version :)